Two months of public transport with the Try-Out pass

Do you work in the region of Haaglanden and/or Rijnland? Do you travel to and from work by car at least three times a week? Then use the public transport for free with the Try-out pass brought to you by Ga3.0.

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Public transport? #probeerheteens !

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Advantages of public transport

No parking stress

Employees who travel by public transport don’t use a car. No car, no need to park. It’s as simple as that!


By walking or cycling to the bus or train you are getting your daily exercise. Employees who exercise every day are often happier and fitter.


Traveling by public transport reduces the emission of CO2. Responsible traveling!

Cost effective

Traveling by public transport three times a week or more is often cheaper than driving to and from work.

Journey time

Traveling by public transport can reduce your journey time. Car users often get stuck in traffic. By using the train or bus you can gain extra time.